Saturday, November 21, 2009

we've moved!

like seriously invites you to join us on our new journey at a quaint new blogshop by the name swagdolls! (

why, you ask? sometimes for a change, for a fresh look or sometimes just for fun..

we'll always remember the good and glorious times we had here at like seriously with all you dahlings! like seriously will always be our firstborn but sometimes, we all need to move on a little now and then, right? that's why we've been in the quiet lately! 'cos we've been hard at work behind the scenes at swagdolls!

so don't fret and think that a new blogshop's stole your email address from somewhere else :) remember it's just us@likeseriously getting back in contact with you...but this is not the end of like seriously, rather a new beginning for her as well. it's copyrighted to us so we hold the 'rights' to a blogshop called like seriously! :P

here we sign off for the last time (for now!) as us@likeseriously (*ahem* in the words of arnold..we'll be day!) and for the first time..

lots of love,
us@swagdolls *wink*

Friday, November 13, 2009

we haven't gone missing!

just in case you're wondering, where did the 3 like seriously girls gone?
we, are, still, here, darlings. :)
we're in the midst of revamping and preparing something incredibly exciting (which will be up pretty soon, hopefully!) so watch out for this space, yeah?

that aside, we'll be at chic pop street market this sunday! *awesome*
do drop by, as we have tons of spanking new arrivals in store for ya! (ooo, they are not even released here in our site!)

that said, see you sunday!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

like seriously: bargain basement no.6

there's just a lot of going-ons around us all these days so we at like seriously just wants to send a shout-out to you dahlings out there to appreciate your loved ones, live your life to the fullest, do all the right things and start waking up from dreamland to make your dreams really come true!

so here we are again with a seriously everything's-gotta-go sale!

you sweets know the drill! email us your favorite grabs today!
seriously new 957: rm50 NOW rm39!
black *SOLD to sherliza*
one-shoulder satin long top
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..shows off just enough shoulder to keep the mind wondering!
seriously new 958: rm59 NOW rm45!
denim and silk chiffon tube minidress
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..this is so cute that it's beyond words!
seriously new 959: rm39 NOW rm28!
blue *SOLD*
purple *RESERVED for SITI*
sleeveless cotton shift dress
fits uk sizs 6-10 comes with the black belt! seriously! a quirky way to layer this: a long-sleeve tee under the shift dress with a chic tube top over and complete the look with some designer tights. ooh la la!
like vintage 960: rm29 NOW rm19!*SOLD*
check sleeveless cotton minidress
fits uk sizes 6-10
psst..for those lazy days, pull on a vintage scarf or pile those fabric necklaces for a modern twist!
like vintage 969: rm42 NOW rm26!
*SOLD to siti aishah*
stripe print long sleeve pleated front and back silk minidress
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..a dress that says 'i'm a goody goody 2 shoes but not quite..i've got an attitude, a sense and a style true to myself!'
seriously new 977: rm35 NOW rm29!
florals with slight tinge of pink (left)
sleeveless floral chiffon & lace top
fits uk sizes 6-10
psst..treat yourself to something sweet this hot season! go hip with some high-waist shorts!
like vintage 981: rm35 NOW rm20! *SOLD*
check print long sleeve wool mini shirtdress
fits uk sizs 6-10
psst..wear it as a minidress or pair it with some floral footless leggings! yes! dare to mix, match & clash your prints the designer can even pull this off in a wintry place 'cos of the wool-ish material of this shirtdress!
like vintage 983: rm29 NOW rm19! *SOLD*
printed long sleeve grandmama minidress
fits uk sizes 6-10
psst..mix things up with a plaid print long cardi, belt it with a thin patent leather belt, dark gray ribbed tights and patent leather multi-strap heels..
like vintage 989: rm25 NOW rm15! *SOLD*
v-neck short sleeve floral print sheath minidress
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..for a cool clever cover-up, go with an off-white long boyfriend blazer then hat it with a fedora..
like vintage 990: rm39 NOW rm22!
dark violet long sleeve high neck wool minidress
fits uk sizs 6-8
psst..pack this for your trip if the temperatures are gonna be down and cold..also indulge yourself in a little purple magic with full-on manicured nails finished with opi's lincoln park after dark.. *wink*

seriously new 1001: rm49 NOW rm35!
victorian collar cotton halter top
fits uk sizes 4-8 comes the queen! it's victorian haughtiness with a touch of elegant sexiness..material's seriously comfy!
like vintage 1003: rm29 NOW rm15!
flax yellow oversized short sleeve double-breasted cotton jacket
fits uk sizes 6-10
psst..wear this unbuttoned with a mini, skinnies or high-waist pants and you're good as gold!
seriously new 1004: rm55 NOW rm39!
khaki size m
black size m *SOLD*
high waist pencil skirt
size s fits 6-8, size m fits 8-10
psst..the material's a kind of stretchable cotton so it slides smoothly along the skin as you walk while hugging the curves at the same time! *wink*
like vintage 1013: rm42 NOW rm29! *SOLD*
print long sleeve silk minidress
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..if purple's your color, this is definitely your dress in its gorgeous shades of the royal color..

like vintage 1014: rm29 NOW rm15! *SOLD*
dark camouflage green floral print on shoulder short sleeve oversized button shirt fits uk sizes 6-12
psst..we've worn it as an oversized shirt but petite girls can also wear it as a real short minidress, just remember to adorn some safefy underneath *wink*

like vintage 1015: rm49 NOW rm25! *SOLD*
check print ruffle collar long sleeve silk chiffon minidress
fits uk sizes 6-8psst..check in black is just absolutely gorgeous! add on some ruffles and a mini factor and it's a perfect piece!
like vintage 1018: rm35 NOW rm20!
mustard yellow floral print long sleeve minidress
fits uk sizes 6-8 a dress this bright, you won't need anything else to get you noticed..just slip on your chic killer heels and out you go!

seriously new 943: was rm59 NOW rm42!
bistre brown checks
flap sling bag
psst..this is some big time grandmama chicness!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

like seriously: bargain basement no.5

well, now *smile* after a short break, like seriously continues her sales. just a minor one this short week. but hey, a small sales' better than nothing, right? *wink*

everything's gotta go, going and gone! so grab now!
like vintage 494: was rm29 NOW rm19! *RESERVED for aaliyah*
yellow goldenrod with brown stripe accent long sleeve shirt with white collar and cuff details
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..a unique combo of yellow and brown shades that's rarely found..
like vintage 882: was rm29 NOW rm19!*SOLD*
powder blue floral print cowl-neck sleeveless silk chiffon ultra-mini sheath dress
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..perfect for a garden wedding cocktail reception!
like vintage 903: was rm49 NOW rm25!*SOLD*
floral print long sleeve grandmama dress
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..florals aren't just for spring but for fall as well!
like vintage 909: was rm39 NOW rm19!*SOLD*
floral print button cotton shift dress
fits uk sizes 6-8's effortless chic..absolutely effortless..
like vintage 910: was rm45 NOW rm25! *SOLD*
mustard yellow ruffle front long sleeve dress
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..a dress in a happy sunshine color always gets our vote..
seriously new 913: was rm39 NOW rm25! *SOLD*
polka dot print tulle tutu miniskirt
fits uk sizes 6-8 this cute or is this really cute?!
like vintage 915: was rm45 NOW rm25!*SOLD*
egyptian blue print grandmama dress
fits uk sizes 6-10's one of our fave looks to pair a grandmama dress with loads of accessories and a statement belt!
like vintage 917: was rm39 NOW rm15! *SOLD*
check print cotton babydoll minidress
fits uk sizes 6-12
psst..delve into the british heritage with a bit of tartan *wink*
like vintage 921: was rm35 NOW rm20! *SOLD*
diamond print oversized silk minidress
fits uk sizes 6-12
psst..tame this big print dress with smart leather accessories such as belts and a vintage satchel..
like vintage 922: was rm45 NOW rm25!*SOLD*
payne's gray white collar detail long sleeve silk grandmama dress
fits uk sizes 6-10
psst..a pleated minidress requires sharp shoes and a statement belt to complement..
like vintage 930: was rm39 NOW rm20!*SOLD*
tartan print cotton shirtdress
fits uk sizes 6-10
psst..don't just admire the british, be your own british icon in this tartan dress..
like vintage 931: was rm35 NOW rm20!*SOLD*
dark bistre brown check print minidress
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..perfect the art of the minidress with all sorts of different accessories, i.e. with the fez, the boots, etc..
seriously new 933: was rm46 NOW rm29!*SOLD*
chartreuse yellow
star print t-shirt minidress
fits uk sizes 6-8 your own rock star in this cute t-shirt dress that's too hot to resist!
like vintage 936: was rm29 NOW rm19!*SOLD*
check print short sleeve cotton dress
fits uk sizes 6-10
psst..pair this really vintage check with shiny sequin leggings. don't be afraid to go all out bold!
seriously new 945: was rm49 NOW rm30!
dark charcoal gray & white *SOLD*
silver gray & tea rose
stripe sleeveless low waist jersey minidress with belt
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..seriously, the patent belt comes with it!
seriously new 947: was rm39 NOW rm29!*SOLD*
rainbow color oversized tee
fits uk sizes 6-12
psst..when you're in the blues, this is just the look to cheer you up..
seriously new 951: rm35 NOW rm25!
white *SOLD*
light yellow *SOLD*
girl with bicycle print long t-shirt
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..a t-shirt that says 'just relax, have fun and enjoy!
like vintage 036: was rm35 NOW rm10!
charcoal stripe denim pencil skirt
fits uk sizes 6-8
seriously new 047: was rm59 NOW rm15!
champagne satin dress with balloon skirt & pocket details
fits uk sizes 8-12
like vintage 080: was rm39 NOW rm10!*SOLD*
sapphire blue straight-cut button dress
fits uk sizes 6-10
seriously new 211: was rm29 NOW rm15!*SOLD*
ecru brown fringed floral triangle scarf
psst..scarves are so no-brainers and no-seasons
seriously new 221: was rm53 NOW rm35!
coral pink
lavender purple
short jersey jumpsuit
fits uk sizes 6-10
psst..this cutey's available in coral pink, purple and black!
like vintage 371: was rm39 NOW rm15! *SOLD*
light blue sleeveless cotton summer dress
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..sorry, babes, the belt's not included!

like vintage 390: was rm49 NOW rm20!
white and blue stripe summer dress with pleats, embroidery and tie details
fits uk sizes 6-8
psst..sometimes you just wanna be that young girl again *ahem* (not that we're all old now!)
like vintage 787: was rm39 NOW rm25!
light flax yellow short sleeve collarless jacket
fits uk 6-8
seriously new 942: was rm45 NOW rm30!
kiddy art flowers
opening of bag: 13 inches
length: 9 inches
fabric tote with stripe inner lining's for sweet girls like us!