Saturday, November 21, 2009

we've moved!

like seriously invites you to join us on our new journey at a quaint new blogshop by the name swagdolls! (

why, you ask? sometimes for a change, for a fresh look or sometimes just for fun..

we'll always remember the good and glorious times we had here at like seriously with all you dahlings! like seriously will always be our firstborn but sometimes, we all need to move on a little now and then, right? that's why we've been in the quiet lately! 'cos we've been hard at work behind the scenes at swagdolls!

so don't fret and think that a new blogshop's stole your email address from somewhere else :) remember it's just us@likeseriously getting back in contact with you...but this is not the end of like seriously, rather a new beginning for her as well. it's copyrighted to us so we hold the 'rights' to a blogshop called like seriously! :P

here we sign off for the last time (for now!) as us@likeseriously (*ahem* in the words of arnold..we'll be day!) and for the first time..

lots of love,
us@swagdolls *wink*

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Ruzanna said...

hi can i read your new blog? thanks